Watch incredible restored footage of the first nuclear bomb detonation


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Of course we wanted to think that something dramatic and impressive would kill us, not pathetic middle aged losers air-conditioning rooms in their McMansions that they never enter and buying fake pretend military trucks to commute 50 miles to their cubicle in.




I got a sun burn from just watching that.


I give them points for not adding a dramatic soundtrack.


It looks like some unlucky birds took flight starting at 0:42.


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SEE ALSO: the classic Cosmic Horror Documentary

includes Freeman Dyson explaining the story of Faust


Or read an account of a crazy physicist in Surely You’re Joking Mr. Feynman.
He didn’t wear the dark goggles. But did sit in the truck the windshield of which would block the UV.


There’s a DVD out there called “The Atomic Bomb Movie”. William Shatner narrates it. Footage includes fully restored films of testing, and the history of the bomb is covered pretty well. They even threw in a film showing a detonation in space. Oh, and it has a soundtrack; as you might expect, it’s epic, and performed by a full orchestra. When it comes to nuclear explosions, nothing is small.


That would be Operation Fishbowl…


If you dig around on teh googletubes a bit you can find the full version.
Sometimes searching for “The Rainbow Bombs” yields better results.



Three weeks? How did they get FCC approval this fast?


Jeebus! That movie still gives me the heebie-jeebies.


The Garble test footage of 1953 always gets me with all those vehicles for scale.


Shatner always turns the epic to 11.


For once you can say “awesome” and not have Neil deGrasse Tyson complain for the word being used for something not actually awesome.