Watch Jen Psaki call out Peter Doocy for "irresponsible" statement that Americans are "stranded" in Afghanistan

Saying that thousands of Americans are stranded is technically correct, but not politically correct.


How does it make conditions worse?
Is there a comment that could make conditions better?
The situation is a shitshow, the vapid comments of self-regarding reporters makes no difference one way or the other.

Were they told that the troops were going to melt away into the night without telling their allies?


They weren’t part of an invasion of another country. New Orleans is part of the US; sending aid there didn’t mean potentially restarting a war. And people in New Orleans didn’t move there during the hurricane. People in Afghanistan did move there during a war.


Yeah, She’s normally really impressive but when trying to defend the indefensible, it gets harder.

“It’s irresponsible to say people are stranded…” - [we’ve sent them texts saying that as long as they can thread the gauntlet within the week by themselves, we’ll let them on a plane.]

Abandoned would be irresponsible at this point - stranded seems fair.


About 20,000 of these folks a blackwater types.


Sensationalizing the situation always elicits more panic and often creates the very situation that is being sensationalized. It strengthens the Taliban’s position and endangers the “stranded.”

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By a feather added to a sack of coal.

That horse is over the horizon.

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Once again, knowing full well what an absolute clusterfuck leaving is isn’t a justification for staying, it’s a reason for not going in the first place.

We absolutely did strand people there. It’s a fucking war. That what happens in a war. People get lost and orphaned and displaced as a secondary effect of the main goal which is, if anyone needs a refresher, to kill people and destroy stuff.


Maybe the healthcare volunteers can hook up with the mercenaries and get outta Dodge. Or at least source some muscle to protect the hospital.

Because they have been stranded?

Never go full Doocy…

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On the broken clock principle there had to come a time that he asked a question that deserved an answer. Not that I have the slightest clue who or what he is outside the confines of BB.

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So, not so stranded if AAAsshole will give you a tow, for a fee…


Famous honor among thieves seems slightly overstated.

That guy will turn a buck off of any tragedy.


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