Watch Jennifer Coolidge steal the show at last night's Golden Globe Awards

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It’s really delightful to hear her acceptance speech and hear her not putting on her normal persona. Yes, still funny, but Jennifer Coolidge funny, not the characters she plays.

The other wonderful speech last night was Ke Huy Quan’s deeply emotional and moving acceptance of his well deserved Best Supporting Actor award.


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Any link for the non-Americans?



What. A. Treat.

It makes me so happy to see her and Mike White still get along after he shot her with a blow dart. Circle of life.


That was very sweet. She’s quite funny.

OK, the single googly-eye on his lapel is sartorial genius.


She has a sort of stealth shtick that I think will only be more appreciated as time goes on. Hilarious.

So glad to see Quan win a Globe. After watching “Everything…,” I said to my wife, “If that guy doesn’t get a best supporting actor Oscar nom, there’s no justice in the world.” I still hope that happens. He crushed that performance.

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I haven’t seen any of the movies it was nominated with to be able to say it was the “best” of the category, but it really was far and away the best film I saw all last year, filled with great acting, great writing, great everything. It deserves everything it wins, and I hope it wins more.

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