WATCH: John Cage, Gay Divorce Lawyer

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Ahh, I was just reading about Ally McBeal again after the Cousin Olver article. I watched far too much of that show.

I’m a little disappointed: I was expecting something a little longer and quieter, maybe about 4’ 33" of video…


I love that piece. I always play it as loud as I can.


That’s not John Cage at all. That’s the actor who played John Cage sorta kinda doing Saul Goodman.

Does he write briefs by laying star charts on top of WestLaw and copying the words under the stars?

Because if he doesn’t, that ain’t John Cage.

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He said:

I will happily grant you two gentlemen a divorce - provided that you and Mr. Tudor agree to walk out of the Netherlands - backwards.

We did, and he did, and all parties concerned found the arrangement…



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