Mad Men misogynist Paul Johansson well-suited to his role

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P.S. just how absolutely dumb do you have to be to do this to journalists, in front of other journalists? Just think how dumb it is for a bit, and further layers of dumb show up just as the existing dumb is getting comfortable in your head.


As pugnacious as his lawyer is in decrying the claim, if this guy has a track record (I’d guess that he would, seeing how stupid he is), no threat of litigation is going to stop people coming out about his bad behavior now.

Seriously, I thought lawyers were supposed to be, if not smart, at least be savvy enough to know when they’re stepping on their own scrotum.


If the actors are like this, just imagine what the actors’ lawyers are like.


If the actor’s behavior is fractally dumb, that lawyer letter is, like, Stephen Wolfram’s A New Kind of Dumb.


How about a modified Asimov’s Axiom: Dumber than dumb? Or maybe Pauli’s: Not even dumb?


Method acting! Right down to the sleazy corporate response of a mock 20 page letter from the lawyer. What dedication to his craft!


Where does it say the letter was twenty pages long? It does say she received it withing twenty hours, but I can’t see any reference to its length.

Twenty pages of that kind of disregard for the proper use of capital letters would in itself be grounds for disbarment, or should be.

What! He was just being friendly! You people are so uptight.

EDIT: Yes, I was kidding.

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I think you forgot your <.sarcasm> tags - at least I hope you did.

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Thank you, fixed.

“Sweating like a rapist” is a Jason Statham quote from the movie London (2005).

So the lesson here is: Be Jason Statham.

Go Susan Cheng. I worked as a P.A. in Hollywood on some big productions and have witnessed this sexism myself from some very powerful men in Hollywood though this actor is almost unknown to me. These misogynists typically do this to the lowest man on the totem pole because they are least likely to say something. The interns, P.A.'s, receptionists. He’s gross.

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