Watch: Last night's Michigan meteor caught on dashcam


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Fake News! Everyone know that this only happens in Russia.

…but what if we’ve been living in a metaphorical russia all along?


Good thing this didn’t happen in Hawaii.


You’re right, this is fake news. There’s no such thing as a clear sky in Michigan!


Every time a meteor burns up in the Earth’s atmosphere, a conspiracy theorist youtuber gets 100 new subscribers…


my favorite clip is the russian driver who sees the meteorite streaking down and lowers his car visor in apathy


I was lucky enough to see the same sight, more than a decade ago, in Maryland. I have no idea why, but the fireball looked green.


I saw no stupid, road accident associated with it, so it happened somewhere else.



I happened to see last night’s meteor from my home in Toledo. I was sitting on the couch and through the north-facing windows I saw what looked like a firework coming down just beyond my backyard. I had no idea the actual distance and speed of this light in the sky; with no frame of reference I assumed it was much closer to me and the ground than it actually was.


Did it hit the White House?


It didn’t. That’s why you didn’t see this:



Probably a copper sulfate but thallium, antimony, barium, manganese, molybdenum, and ammonium compounds can also give you a green flame.


Yea, right. It was aliens.


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