Watch live: Trump impeachment trial

Yeah, what’s with the GOP and drinking water out of little bottles?


Not a key point of the debate, obviously, be it was truly odd. He picked up the bottle, then put his other hand on top of his head as if to hold something in place before tipping his head to take a drink. Maybe it’s a “Woman with a Yellow Ribbon” type situation.


Journalist: So you’re saying the Senate should call more witnesses? Subpoena more evidence? Call Trump to the stand?

GOP: What? Fuck no. We just want to get to the part where we say “Not Guilty” and get back to pretending none of this happened.


I assume they forgot their refillable bottles at home seeing as how unprepared they are for everything else.

“As I’ve said… as I think I’ve said… um… Senators… most Senators, they’re Gallant People™. Some of them… some of them are, uh women, too.”


Daniel Dale on Twitter says it has to do with saying a Jewish blessing. If it’s truly that, then I get it.


Holy hell, they really are trying for everything. First it’s that they sped through the process in the house, now it was an intentional delay?
I feel like if I weren’t listening in real time, I wouldn’t believe the utter level of hypocrisy and double speak, which I don’t think will be very accurately reported, anyway.


The video montage of Jan. 6th events is really a brutal punch in the face.

I will never underestimate the ability of conservatives to weasel out of or deflect responsibility, but images of people in Trump gear shouting “fuck the cops”, smashing windows with American flags, and screaming “Traitor Pence” (to say nothing of that one guy admitting he was following Trump’s direction) is pretty f$%king damning.


Anyone know what that red book was that Roger Stone’s lawyer just held up, to contrast with the constitution?


Is it Mao’s little red book? Zagat’s?


Ah, that must be it, Zagat’s. He was talking about unfair, snap judgements. :joy:


Exactly. Any arguments saying the house process was too quick and didn’t allow for ample investigation is completely cancelled out by the fact that everything they are accusing Trump of took place in and was amply published in the public sphere.
What is there left to investigate (for that first step, at least) when everything is streamed live?


I stepped away to take a quick shower and returned just in time to hear him quoting Alan Dershowitz. I can’t listen to these goons any longer. I’ll wait for Chuck Todd’s brilliant analysis.

Aaaach! Ken Staaaaaaar!!!


Is that still a thing?

(Quarantine humor, or attempt thereof)

You didn’t miss much. I don’t know how much longer I can listen, but hope to continue the conversation tomorrow.


Mrs Peas and the tiny Pod were out sledding for a moment so that’s all I’ve got.


i stopped listening early – i tried, i swear.

trump’s first lawyer – didn’t catch his name, only that he was a member of the fraternal order of police – started off saying americans were given rights under the constitution, and then talked about how elite and what exceptional human beings senators are – i knew it could only go downhill.

im sure he believes those things but they are completely contrary to the principles the country was founded on, and are complete reversals of espoused conservative positions.

it seemed that he was trying to fluff the senators egos while simultaneously saying “don’t listen to emotional arguments” – ugh. what a terrible person and what a terrible argument.


Listening to the roll call vote, 2 things jump out:

  1. Collins went how I’d hoped, voting in favor of the constitutional validity of the impeachment. Here’s hoping she can stick with it.
  2. The senate is like the spice rack: so many start with C!!!

ETA. 56 to 44 to proceed. So that’s something. Back at it at noon tomorrow.


well it’s 56 to 44. No hope for conviction, but that’s what we were expecting.



Yeah, I don’t have much hope for the conviction. Not anymore. :cry:
If they can’t even admit that it’s a valid thing to hear a case about, what’s the chance they’ll actually listen to the arguments?


Nah, Conservatives think he should have been impeached for Fast and the Furious.

After reading up on it, I think it is worth an addendum to this guy:

If the Nuremberg laws were applied, then every post-war American president would have been hanged.
Which is to say: Not really impeachable.


Yeah, that’s interesting because last week when the Senate voted on Rand Paul’s motion about whether it was constitutional the vote was 55 to 45, so one Republican changed their mind since then, despite the fact that some state GOP organizations are censuring politicians who voted for impeachment.

ETA: it was Bill Cassidy of Louisiana who changed his mind and decided it’s constitutional now.