WATCH: Mario Cuomo's 1984 convention speech


I used to listen to Cuomo sharpen his teeth on a political interview show that aired early Saturday mornings on NYC. He could be amazingly . . . New York-ish when he was sparring with the host. Smart, a hint of obnoxious, no phony political windbaggery. I would have loved to have seen that pugilism turned on the dumbfuckery of the Movement Conservatives who gave us Bush 43, and on the Tea Party. It would have been like turning a velociraptor loose in a corral full of Barney the Purple Dinosaurs.


“What might have been.”


I was recently surprised to discover him in Ken Burns’ “Baseball”. I’m really saddened to hear that he’s gone. Out of respect for the dead I won’t say anything about his son.


He wouldn’t have made a bad president.

EDIT: Took out the bad things I just said about his son.

I saw that speech on TV when he gave it and I was floored but my heart sank when Mondale was brought out, knowing Reagan would win reelection in the first national election in which I could vote. Knowing that the Democrats knew they couldn’t win but had to field a candidate anyway and they decided to play it safe.

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