Watch CNN host Chris Cuomo threaten man who compared him to fictional mafia moron Fredo Corleone

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“No no no, I called you FrOdo. Like the bright eyed, naive hobbit.” -another acceptable jibe for this full of himself, Ann Coulter enabling talking head.


Mario must have done a real number on his kids. Chris acts like a rage-a-holic here, and his brother Andrew always looks like he’s been constipated for more than two decades.


Yes, ethnic slurs are okay if you’re a famous asshole,right?


Jesus. According to that hannity tweet, he was “out with his nine-year-old daughter”… and he explodes into a Goodfellas-esque torrent of profanity? Way to parent, guy.


That moment when Sean Hannity is defending you you’ve fucked up.


Wow. He has the support of Sean Hannity. If I had the support of Sean Hannity I would be seriously reconsidering all of my life choices.
Also- He was out with his daughter and his wife? That is not a reason to go off the deep end. Should be a reason to maybe display a little maturity for the kid. Show her what a responsible adult does when facing a troll. This is not the time to beat the chest and act like some caricature of a caveman with bonus potty mouth.
And third- given what this guy does for a living, why in all holy fucks doesn’t he expect and plan for receiving this kind of treatment? He spends his life making people angry on TV- that’s going to spill over. Then again- maybe acting like a caveman with bonus potty mouth was his plan. It did get him at least some publicity.







That’s some damn fine threatening.

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Do you want to be called Fredo? Because this is how you get called Fredo.


The name Fredo has baggage because of the sever character flaws and poor choices associated with the middle brother of a famously powerful, fictional mafia family.

The insult has so very little to do with ethnicity.

Let’s not give too much credence to the thin skin egomaniac who loses his shit in front of his family and starts spouting false equivalencies to… what, shame his aggressor into a physical altercation?


I have to agree. I don’t know the exact context here (it might have been a case of mistaken identity), and Cuomo is obviously Italian and understandably sensitive to these things, but “Fredo” as an insult transcended ethnicity long ago. During the Cheney Regency, I and others regularly used it to describe Dubya. I’ve also used the term to describe Il Douche’s sons and other childish, dim-witted and weak-willed scions of wealthy and powerful families.


So, if you get called an ethnic slur (regardless of the ethnicity, your economic or social standing, public or private setting)…the only correct and acceptable behavior is to ignore it?

We all cheered at the video of the asshole wearing a Nazi armband getting punched out by the rather large African American dude who he was calling the N word. So that was ok, but this isn’t?


Punching Nazi’s is always a great option. To add some context to this situation, and help out others scratching their head re: your comparison, “Fredo” was added to Wikipedia’s list of Italian ethnic slurs thirty four minutes ago.


Punching Nazi’s is always a great option

You are correct. But you have to accept they will punch back, if you don’t accept that then don’t do it.

It’s not an ethnic slur.

But if it was, then yes, ignoring it is the best strategy, in that it is the best worst option. You can’t exactly lecture someone on how words hurt and expect them to take you seriously, nor can you go all caveman on them and expect to keep your humanity. Especially when you’re a public figure and there are cameras all around you.


I have to agree with you, especially given that Chris Cuomo doesn’t unload on the disingenuous assholes that the Repubs dump on his show nightly. Cuomo probably gets crap from jerks all the time in his private life when he’s out and about and finally decided to let this clown know what he truly thought of his insulting behavior. This clip is probably useful as a warning to the other unthinking buffoons - don’t poke the bear or you might get clawed.


“You’re a much more reasonable guy in person than you seem on television” :rofl:


Cuomo, Hannity, random rude guy-- there are no heroes in this story.

Except maybe John Cazale, who managed to be in five films in his very short Hollywood career, all of which received Oscar nominations.