Watch Mel Gibson's babysitter shut down an interview with Fox News

My drawl is in direct proportion to how close to yellow heavy machinery I happen to be at the moment…


I wonder if there’s any connection to Foreign Accent Syndrome? Although I also think that your experience sounds awesome, not pathological.

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I have a blank, midwest newscaster accent like @cepheus42 mentioned, most of the time, but when I get tired or get anywhere near cattle I start eliding my ‘ing’ endings like I’m fixin ta saddle up and ride off inta that there sunset. Just years of switching for work.


Sometimes “fecking gobshite” has to be said with its original intonation to make the point fully.




I have a lot of trouble replicating any accents other than a generic Southern drawl and something that approaches Noo Yawk.

Irish is a good accent for anger.


Huh, so his internal self-censor is really broken these days, even when sober, and the people around him know it. You’d think the Fox host would know better than to ask a triggering question, but maybe he was hoping for a bit of racism to make him more sympathetic to the Fox viewership…

I don’t know if the drugs or the racism did more of a number on his cognitive processes, but yeah, he’s not looking so good.

Those are apparently the easy-to-grasp American accents, if you’re going for something broad, as non-American actors who are bad at accents always go for one of those. My favorite was when Tara Fitzgerald played an American in a British tv movie and tried to do both accents simultaneously.


“OK one more thing Mel, before we wrap up could you say something just appallingly racist, for the fans? We promised them something good.”


I’m trying to imagine having the job of Mel Gibson’s babysitter. Her calm, tired demeanour struck me when she firmly and professionally cut in with “I’m sorry Jesse, that’s our time.”


So if people with fat heads are gonna get hit, then Jesse’s probably got a big one coming. Still…

Allow David Cross GIF


Seth Myers has a sketch “Boston Accent”, where he plays almost all the characters, each with a different Boston accent, but the most brilliant one is the character who is English who is trying to play a native Bostonian (?), but it keeps slipping and the English accent comes through.


It’s not a TUMA!

Devils advocate here… Aside from the distinct possibility that Mel would’ve given a completely batshit answer… Is it possible the interview was intended to only last 5 minutes? Because the handler chimes in at almost exactly 5 minutes.

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Fer fooks sake, man! There’s no accent better!

Except maybe Scots…


The Devil can afford his own legal counsel, there’s no need to do pro-bono work.

No one’s schedule is that tightly packed. The handler’s job is to make Mel look good on TV, not to keep him punctual. If they thought that line of questioning was going to make him look good they would have allowed it to continue at least a few minutes longer.


Seriously, the guy can’t sit still in his seat?

But the more offensive part of video is having to see Waters’ punchable face and not be able to punch him. His dogwhistle to people not being Christian/Conservative enough (“Americans being egoistic and not concerned for others”): it’s a campaign plank of Fox News and GQP party…


True, but they are both related Celtic peoples, so maybe it’s a more general thing. Maybe the Welsh could weigh in.

Haaaa! I love it. Good point.

You know, I think you’re right… the fact that you don’t hear handlers chime in on air like that is pretty telling. Kudos.


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