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Did he play the instruments “for reals”, or did he mime (play along with synthesized parts) for the video?

It sounds like the latter to me. Too… perfect.

Enjoyable and impressive, nonetheless.

This image would suggest the instruments were not actually played:


I am reminded of Bruno, from the movie Fame. :slight_smile:

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I suspect there was some listening to Jesus Christ Superstar in there as well.

Good stuff, don’t get me wrong.


I think the point is he played them into microphones, mixed it, then fake played them for the video part later. Which is what i got from reading the limited text in the piece.

I think his conducting looked fine. It looked like he was expressing the music well. Obviously we couldn’t see his face, but I’ve played with much worse conductors.

I was hoping for more textual authority. It doesn’t sound self-played. Seems too perfect to me. Or maybe I’m expecting more Portsmouth Simfonia-style imperfections.

We’ll just have to await the holographic version.

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I really hear it when the violins play. Sounds very much like a synth. Other stuff not so much. But it also could be that overdubbing never gets the same fullness of sound that a full section of real players gets. Even four people dubbing three times will not sound as good as twelve players playing once.

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I would suggest that the music was created digitally, rather than being played on real instruments. None of the ‘musicians’ on strings in the video seem to be adding any vibrato at all with their left hands. Watching any accomplished stringed musician, they appear far more fluid.
I also object strongly to the use of electric guitars and standard drum kit in an orchestra.
The tune itself is pretty bloody brilliant though.

Conducting is particularly easy whern the orchestra is a hive-mind of yourself. They can anticipate your every move. In fact you can just invent your own syntax and all of you understand it.


Every egotistical conductor’s fantasy.

Which reminds me of something else- as neat a gimmick as this might be (I don’t want to sound like I’m trashing someone’s cool project) but one of the points of playing in an orchestra is the communal aspect of playing together. At its best it really does feel like joining a hive mind. I wouldn’t ever want to play in an orchestra of me-clones.


I imagine most conductors would agree with you. What could be more ego-gratifying than being the boss… of Beethoven?


But would you imagine arguing this point with yourself if you’ve changed your mind in between clones?




“The first violinist is an asshole.”

“Here’s another tautology - the brass section blows.”

“And here I am, lacking the flexibility to enjoy it.”

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