Watch: Pampered cats ring call bell for treats


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Not gonna teach that one to the cat… I would hear that bell all damn day.


I don’t dare watch. He might learn.


Pampered? They’re working harder for their food than any cat /I’ve/ ever lived with.


This will only end in tears…


Doctor Pavlov and Doctor Skinner would approve of how well these cats have conditioned their human.



I think I’d rather hear that pleasant ding! ding! than the squawking scolding we get around here.


I’m surprised the treat-giver didn’t get clever and, when the left cat got lazy and hit the right cat’s bell, give the left cat’s reward to the right cat. He wouldn’tve made that mistake again.


It’s sort of how we’ve learned to respond to the 1%.



If a cat rings the other cat’s bell, the other cat is given the treat.

If you do it the other way, you rule out the option of generosity, but moreover make even having a 2nd bell redundant.

This is exactly why test plans are so important. /s


It’s adorable how they don’t even care enough to feel contempt


There’s probably a word in German for this intersection of clever and stupid.


For part 2 of this experiment, remove the ringers and see what happens.


how would they work around microphones in high wind is good practical theory
(as against dead cats)


Or me at work. Or what you can make an organism do when they are hungry.


I prefer the old-fashioned way: Finding a pseudo-lemur in my face at 6 a.m. (I’m very nearsighted), then feeling a piece of tiny, wet sandpaper on my face.

Those bells are just too damned annoying.


this is how you teach cats to say “ding ding!”


Luckily, I was at work when I saw it. One of my cats used to paw the blinds at 4am when she was bored. She figured out if she pawed randomly, I would sleep through it but if she pawed a pattern I would wake up. We have all our blinds pulled above cat head height at all times and use curtains when we want privacy.


“I’ll take fish flavored treats for $100, Alex.”