Cat using a door knocker to be let in


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That’s not too surprising. As a kid, I had a cat who used a doorstop as a doorbell.

This kind. He would reach his paw under the door do give the spring a good “spoink.” We were trained to obey.


Whoever trained that cat to “ding dong ditch” is a genius.


Inside, they cowered in fear…the restraining order did nothing…


sees that the Daily Mail is linked





If you taught 10 cats to do this: 6 would knock and then run off, 3 would wait to go in and 1 would swat the person answering the door in the face.


We had a house with a back door with a window in the top half. Our cats learned to jump up, grab on to the window trim, and pull their heads up to look in to the house to be let in. A combination of the sound and the cat head in the window alerted us to let them in. And yes, the question of who trained whom is relevant.


Our cats claw the aluminum screen on the back storm door to shreds as their “knock”.


… and then immediately ask to be let back out.


My in-laws had a cat that would pounce from their barbecue grill onto the basement bulkhead, which made a resonating deep “BOOM” noise, when it wanted to be let in. I still miss that cat.


I can watch this for hours


\begin{ominous tones}

But the cat came back, the very next day.

\end{ominous tones}


The cat is hoping to borrow a cup of peanut oil


He added, “It would have only made it better if someone came out to let it in.”

And he waited all of 1/2 of a second to see if this might come true.

worst. wildlife photographer. ever.

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