Insanely intelligent cat rings doorbell to be let inside


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Cat also appears to be aware that it’s somehow being watched.


Pure win.


Insanely intelligent?


I, for one, welcome our cat overlords.


You may be a bit late with that one.


I’m not that impressed. People poke button - door opens. Kitty poke button - door opens. I’ve had lots of cats who could signal when they wish egress (although the button was never mounted so high). If he could enter a 6-digit passcode, that would be something new.


It’s pretty easy to train animals to do this type of thing. We trained our dogs to tap on the door knob to be let in or out. As a puppy just touch their nose to the doorknob when you open the door…they catch on pretty quick.


Or even sitting still for a retina scan


Russia watches everyone.


Our smart cat doesn’t wait for us to come and just opens the doors by herself. Having lever-style door knobs makes this possible.

Now if she could input the code into the garage door opener, that would be impressive!


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