Cat knocks door with 'machine gun' stomps to awaken owner


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cat training tip: don’t feed them first thing in the morning when you wake up… or they’ll learn that waking you up is how to get fed.


I feed my cat wet food during the day and leave a little bit of dry food in the evening for him to munch on. Seems to work just fine. Sometimes he wakes me up at 5am, but that’s really only because he wants pettins 24/7.


And cats never forget any successfully annoying method of getting you to feed them. Never.


the cat is really trying to break out magneto from the imprisonment in the 1970’s.


This is how I brush my teeth sometimes.

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this is totally true. and the smarter cats will come up with new things when the old things don’t work, and just add them to the roster of things they try every morning. sometimes it angers me, and sometimes it makes me laugh to see what they come up with next.


Reminds me of the all-purpose boing boing caption:
Christ, what an asshole.


Our cats discovered clawing the screen door making a loud obnoxious sound was an effective way to get let in. Shredded screen. But this cat sure is creative in it’s zeal to be annoying.

They get only dry food. Maybe they won’t live as long, but we won’t want to kill them every morning.

My dog used a similar technique to let us know she wanted back in, but using her tail rather than a foot. Just turn sideways to the door, wag vigorously and wait a few seconds. You couldn’t tell if it was her or a human being knocking a lot of the time.

Our cat has discovered that the surefire way to get humans boiling out of the bedroom was to start clawing at the wood paneling in the hall. Contact paper, padding, and packing tape later, she is still finding places to scratch at oh-dark-thirty.

I used to have a cat named Thumper. Yeah, it’s more traditionally a rabbit name, and banging to get attention is more traditionally rabbit behaviour (though it’s warning other rabbits, not begging for food.) Thumper made noise by scratching cardboard boxes, which sure beat scratching furniture.

I’ll suggest this here to folks having problems with cats/food. Automatic feeder.

It separates you from the feedings, so kitty no linger deems it important to wake you up.

So much remix potential here. That Hawaii 5-0 drum fill, perhaps.


Our cat figured out that this technique worked extra well on the door with a sleeping baby behind it. We changed her name from Snickers to Pure Evil.

Oh man I wish I’d followed that tip. My two “senior kitties” are just fine with whenever we feed them, but the whippersnapper must be fed at our normal waking time, which is, sadly 5:30 a.m. on school nights (thank you school district for making us all wake up at this horrible time). This guy puts his paw under the door (which, being an old house, has a big enough gap under the door for him to do this) and scratches annoyingly at the door until we let him in. At least he will be sweet and cuddle once admitted and does not demand I get out of bed immediately.

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Yes, most kitties are much cuddlier and more friendly in the mornings. It’s nice to think it isn’t entirely food related, but I don’t really want to test that assumption with the automatic feeder. Cat affection is fickle enough as it is…

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