Watch: Paul McCartney and George Martin in studio recording "Blackbird" (1968)

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Any idea who the woman was, sitting off to the left-side of the frame, in the first few seconds of the video? It didn’t look like Linda, though they had met by then.


The Beatles and George Martin… I don’t know what else to say about that, it was just a freaking amazing encounter


Blackbird is a family favorite in our house. <3


Here’s another Blackbird treat: the song in the Indigenous Mi’kmaq Language.


Don’t know anything about her personally, but apparently it’s Francie Schwartz.


One of them timeless music tracks. Anyone heard of the Beatles? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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The alternate foot tapping is driving me the fuck crazy. It’s a short trip, I know…


Well done! A bit of sleuthing using her name reveals:

Q: You’re in the Anthology videos. Where?

A: About a minute into Volume 8. First George has a bit (contemporary filmed interview excerpt) where he talks about the difficulties of working together in the summer of '68 with Yoko present, but he doesn’t say anything about me, or if he does, it was edited out by certain persons – how typical, to give George less than his fair share of time to contribute his own point of view – then it goes into “Blackbird” which Paul recorded live in a few takes at EMI – the session was filmed by an Australian BBC crew for a documentary. If you blink, you’ll miss me.

Here: An interview with Francie Schwartz


That was not a Martin D 28. Looked like his Epiphone Texan he recorded Yesterday with

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Weird. Everything I’ve read about that recording says “Martin D 28.” Looking online at pictures of the Epiphone Texan shows the “swoosh” ending in a squared-off line at the neck and the other end. In the video the swoosh ends in a point at the neck, and a rounded end at the other end, like the D 28.

That’s the first thing I noticed at the beginning of the video. It’s a little hard to identify that woman because the resolution of the film quality is not that great.
There’s something else in the past couple days that’s come up in the news. I don’t know if others have heard this yet but it was announced back in January already of this year 2021 that they found audio recordings after Paul rang up the famous jazz pianist Bill Evans as he was touring through London with his Jazz Trio, his acoustic stand-up bass player Eddie Gomez, and the drummer Jack DeJonette. All three of Evan’s Trio went over to Abbey Road and recorded some numbers with McCartney and Ringo Starr. It’s an amazing article, as they just announced this and you look up these words as it’s the title of a new release to come out soon on CD, possibly in the next few months and then two different vinyl album releases for next year 2022. The Bill Evans Trio and McCartney and star recorded for some time and it shows the track listings in the article. This was done during the 1968 sessions otherwise known as The White Album. So it’s possibly quite near in time to this video of McCartney playing Blackbird here. >

Bill Evans: Hey Bill, its Paul McCartney at Abby Road.

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george might be missing out

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You right Les. The Texan has that chopped off pick guard and darker top. I assumed because it was s righty flipped over that it was the old Texan. I figured by 68 a Beatle could find a lefty anything

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Yes def a 64 epiphone texan…lennon and harrison both had an 60s gibson j 160 e in which georges guitar got stolen short after him and john received them in 63…macca only used the epiphone…i have one myself. . Awesome acoustic…neck profile and shape out play any gibson ive came across…hell…even kurt cobain had a 64 epiphone texan which was his prefered acoustic of choice…like paul,kurt was left handed…both used a right hand guitar(more likely because they didnt make left handed versions back then)so obviously the scratchguard is up top instead of below…intonation is an issue doing this…thats why cobain actually had his 64 texan out for modificaton to be setup for left handed use…actually around the time of there unplugged in new york in autumn 93 so thats why cobain went out and bought that nartin d18e for the unplugged…i dont recall him using it after that show…he used his 64 epiphone texan on the in utero tour after the unplugged when playing live with nirvana…but yes…macca played a 64 epiphone texan through out the beatles and on

Except the 64 Epiphone Texan had flat ends on the pick guard. In the video the pick guard is pointed at the neck end, and curved/teardropped at the other end, as in any picture of a Martin D-28 you can find online. Additionally, every online and published source I can find claims he used a Martin D-28 for that session. IANAG, though.

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