Watch people attempt to approximate when one hour has passed

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Years of staring at the ceiling and then turning over to check the clock (now phone) on my bedside table would make me pretty good at this, I think.


I led a customer service class where we would try to guess 1 minute. Hands started going up at 30 seconds.

I can’t imagine guessing an hour.


It’s the length of time it takes for brownies to bake and cool, which is never short enough.


Watch people attempt to approximate when one hour has passedto win $10,000.
I think it is a much different game with that much money on the line.

9" off is damn impressive.


My father used to do that in his creative writing classes: especially if someone had written: “…for a minute everyone…”

If I take a nap, it’s pretty much always 45 minutes. It’d try that as the first iteration.

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If I recall correctly, Ken Kesey was given some of these temporal tests while tripping and managed to do fairly well with them.

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