How to stop time

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The linked page doesn’t exist anymore. Here’s the archived version (missing the actual clock):

This virtual clock has a fairly smooth second hand:

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Full disclosure: At least I read the title of the thread.


Look, son, it’s bad enough wasting time without killing it.


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Does anyone else remember when Boingboing had wonderful things instead of links to wonderful things?

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I read about this experiment in a book (can’t remember which) around 30 years ago. It said to close your eyes and imagine being somewhere for about 30 seconds to a minute, then slowly open your eyes and continue to imagine being somewhere else and stare in the general vicinity of the clock with the sweeping second hand.

The second hand appears to stick, and then start up again. The idea is that your brain doesn’t multi-task well, so while you are imagining being somewhere else, you are not truly experiencing your actual surroundings (but instead of everything just vanishing, things kind of just persist, but frozen).

Of course, as soon as the hand sticks, it’s kind of a shock, and you’re immediately brought back, and it starts moving again. The trick would be to get so good at this that the hand stops for several seconds. Now you’re meditating.

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