Watch: prank callers harassing the "Teddy Bear Club"

Originally published at: Watch: prank callers harassing the "Teddy Bear Club" | Boing Boing

I can’t believe this is real. It feels like a Tim and Eric skit.

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I never watched public access tv when it was a thing. My assumption was that it was incredibly boring. Apparently it was a lot weirder than I realized.

The teletrolls can fuck right off. Also, the host’s current tweets are a weird frothy melange of judgy xtian rants, anti-Masonic articles, and the occasional My Little Pony link. He definitely has his own world view.

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Dude… I have stories. Got my start in the biz with that churn. It was an unhealthy refuge for hosts with mental issues - these folks needed help, not a show.

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