Comedian pranks TedX at Drexel University


Painful to watch as The Office, and better than the Onion’s take.


Okay, this is great for obvious reasons - first, saying things like we’re all going to be eating sea yams in the future, followed by “[in 2070] video games are going to get more realistic” is just funny. On another level, it’s fun to make fun of people who take themselves so seriously, and doing things like literally getting them all to pat themselves on the back is just brilliant. But beyond the humor of it, this kind of prank is important to remind people (especially at these Massiviely Multiplayer Mutual Admiration Conferences) to question every person who gets on the stage and really wonder whether they’re full of shit or not. Unfortunately, that seems to happen very little at these kinds of events.


One thing that a lot of people don’t realize is that while Ted talks are generally from professionals in the field who at least should know what they’re talking about, TedX lets just about anybody on the stage. The fact that they’ve made the names so similar does a great disservice to normal Ted talks IMHO.


This is pretty hilarious. heeeeheee


This was just painfully unfunny.


I get the point he wanted to make, and share some of the sentiment. But his performance was definitely not TED caliber. Mabye TEDxDrexel caliber, but not TED.

Oh thank God, I thought I was a dick for feeling that way.


when did it become cool to hate TED-based talks? i still like them. perpetually uncool, alas.


It was intentionally terrible.

Or did I miss your point.

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The vast majority of TED talks are good.

TedX talks on the other hand are literally open to anyone.


Reggie Watts did it WAAAAY better:


It’s not TED. It’s TedX. TED is vetted. TedX is the crappy franchised out local talks. TedXBoulder, famously hosted a talk from moon rock thief Thad Roberts about his self-taught jail house quantum physics theories.

TedX is just a way for TED to cash in on the plebes.


OMFG! He made a joke about 9/11!!! Send him to Guantanamo, he’s obviously a terrorist. I will personally serve him his first cup of Ensure.

One of the best TED talks ever.


I read a thing an interview with a professional bicycle thief a while back who figured that he was doing his victims a community service, by teaching them that they needed to lock up their bikes properly. That seems like about the same level of ludicrously congratulatory justification for just, y’know, being a dick.


I just shared this with my kid. We were both in stitches. Thank you!

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Where was he being a “dick”? Seemed like a pretty good natured send up of a TedX talk without really being a jerk to anyone.

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