Every TED talk


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This is like the third or fourth one of these type talks I’ve seen… pretty soon every TED talk will just be a parody of a TED talk…


They forgot the “subtle plug for company / product / charity.”


4 minutes 16 seconds i will never get back


At 7:40 in this podcast, This Is That talks about the latest concept in microlectures, the 9-second Tick Talks.




I quit with the TED talks when they started giving the stage to Psuedoscience.


On an a tenuously-related note, every sports channel can be distilled down to this …


it is all too upbeat, positive …like the Moth, etc…never mind your legs fell off, you learned something !! like that is the american balancing of hope and insanity ?


pretty soon every TED talk will just be a parody of a TED talk…

I think we’ve been there for quite a while now


Thank you for saying that - I was excited when I heard about The Moth. It sounded like a wonderful idea and I’d had good experiences with public storytelling before. Then I had a read of the Moth book and it was the same kind of slick motivating product as TED. Big dissapiontment.


I feel bad for the person who went immediately after him.


snap judgement…ditto

i am a podcast junkie…i’ve collected about 20.000 files, and listen to them rather than radio/TV…about 2 years ago i picked up on this…there are others


Ignore the book. Set up a podcast downloader and stick to the individual stories.


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Aren’t they already?


Watching this always ruins the next TED talk I watch.


i may have posted this here already but it’s funny stuff. It’s a prank.


I thought we hit that point at least a decade ago.