Watch this very funny parody of a TED Talk, any TED talk


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I think this guy did it better…


Digg is still around? I remember they imploded it in 2010.

(Checks site)

Yup. It’s just a monetized tombstone now.

"Now, I'm taking off my glasses--they're just frames...."

That was a beautiful reduction of TED talks.


TED talks are a joke. Like 99% of them aren’t even by guys named Ted.


This has changed my life. I now want to be a thought leader too. And since I don’t know anything, I’m pretty confident I can do it!


Thought leader is one of those words that provokes my gag reflex. For some people it is ■■■■■; for me it is thought leader.


I don’t know. I don’t know. I don… I can’t do it.


I like this one better (which may have been posted here ages ago)

2070 due to the massive birth increase we’ll have a shortage of milk .


Darius Kazemi at 2014 XOXO fest is a classic of this genre.


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