Watch: profile of a 101-year-old tattoo artist

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How is she simultaneously the last one and training her grandniece? Someone’s play and fast and loose here.

Excellent though.


trainee != master


The first sentence in the excerpt has her as the last mamambatok, the second as last master. I stand by calling it fast and loose.

But yeah this is covered in the wiki article, there’s question as to whether the new folks she’s trained are doing “just” tattooing versus the actual mambatok. Quite a lot going on!

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Those are some awesome teeth!


“profile of a 101-year-old tattoo artist”

Don’t you mean profile of a badass? :smiley:


I was thinking that too. Amazing what a diet low in refined sugar will do. Or not do, I guess.


Using a hammer and thorns, Whang-Od taps coal ink into skin.

Oh baby, that’s gotta smart a bit.

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Whang-Od: The Last Skin Sticker

Totally awesome.

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I miss the directory of wonderful things angle here, like this.

It’s the easiest thing in the world every day almost every second every hour now to be angry and know the next evil done to my rights and my country

It’s really hard though to find things like this that are still wonderous and happy.

I’m not asking to forget the evil but can we please focus on the happy more? There’s a lot of truly cool stuff like this in the world and I want to spend as much time alive finding that stuff as I fix the rest of it but I’m not going to have the energy to fix anything if I hate everything.

Also this looks very similar to traditional Japanese tebori tattooing, done with mats of bamboo needles and hand hammers.

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Ever watch The Last Jedi?

Same deal here except the niece gets more than 45 minutes of training.

Well, tattooing was often something of an initiation, and not a casual aesthetic choice.

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