Watch runners cheat in big Shenzhen half marathon


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God, I hated gym class. Once, everyone cheated for me. Rotation baseball (I think that was a thing). An outfield position was invented just for me that had absolutely no chance of me ever having to interact with the game and I was never rotated out. It was boring, but at least I wasn’t being hit with the ball, which was normal for me.


Pretty sure they’re not cheating, just “disrupting the process” to “provide efficiencies.”


Real cheaters jump into the race a half mile before the finish line, and/or use the subway.


Rosie Ruiz is the old chestnut, but there’s a TON of people who still do this shit, and usually it’s not even for a prize, just a better time so that they can enter a different marathon.


Once I actually caught the ball, and then everyone was yelling at me to throw it somewhere.


Wow, these comments bring back the baseball memories. I played in some kind of county league in upstate New York. I and the other incompetent “played” outfield. When it got boring, we took a hike exploring lakes, woods and any local town. We’d get back a few innings later and no one made a fuss. One time I was at bat and actually hit the ball. The other team was so flummoxed I got to second base.


Needs some yakety sax.

eta: I too spent a lot of time playing softball praying the ball never found me.


China, the land of cheating at everything you can.


Hi, I think that their motivation is less “the competitive spirit” than to score points at the Social Credit System. Those who do not have enough points are subject to travel ban or excluded from schools… So it’s utterly more important to finish the race than in your country…


“Wow, you really turned on the jets around mile 8. A 2:28 mile is really impressive…”




I used to do this in school when we had to run track and the coach wasn’t looking! Alas, I was still too slow to catch up with the people that could actually run.


It’s the American Way! The Chinese are really beating us at our own game.


an outfield position was invented just for me that had absolutely no chance of me ever having to interact with the game

Sounds comfy :smiley: I had a phys ed teacher that just sent me off to run around the court while the others played soccer :unamused:


Help me out here, which Rule of Sun Tzu is that again?


Oh man. We did soccer once. Just wasn’t a big thing for the US in the '60s and I had zero idea of how the game was played. I was positioned as goalie, probably to lessen the damage I could do. However, once I actually stopped the ball. And proceeded to toss it directly into a teammates hands (he was like 5 feet away and couldn’t help but catch it). I will NEVER forget the look of fury on his face.


“Don’t order the chicken.”


“To attain victory, one must know one’s self, know one’s enemy, and know the best shortcut to totally own one’s enemy in the marathon halfsie.”