Watch Russian dancers float across the stage doing a traditional Beryozka dance


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I skipped ahead to the part where they really start rocking out.


I’ve seen sushi served this way, but never ballet dancers.


That’s fuckin’ mesmerizing


Ballet dancers are rarely served, so that could be why.


I like this number from a 1960 movie:


Yeah I suppose people mostly get served in more modern dance forms.



Somehow, this and similar choreography will always remind me of the haunting ‘gliding nuns’ scene in “Death Becomes Her”. Walking toward the mortuary, a trio of nuns approaches and pass. They appear to float by, as if on rails, while an unearthly glow emanates from the bottom of their perfectly still habits.


It’s all wonderful until they point their toilet plungers at you and shout “Exterminate!”


Impossible!! I think they are using hoverboards. Then again, none of them burst into flame…


Isn’t that the way female vampires come at you… but a lot faster?


Very impressive, but I know how this was done.


Russian dancers?

Da, Lekski.


Skipped most of it as I kept wanting them to move more than just hands…take a leap, a small jump, a big step - something?! Arghh need to see a cossack dance now to balance things out.


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