Watch: Screaming frog is screaming


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Great. Instead of getting a good night’s sleep, I’ll be trying not think of that for the next 12 hours.


Could be worse; there’s this (watch until 1:12 at least).

Here in Hawaii thanks to invasive species we now have to deal with the screams of coquis.


Frog is deflating.


Eh, half the Pokemon sound like that.


I think that’s a toad not a frog…

This is what it sounds like when the Toad screams.

All Hail the Screaming Toad!


Don’t let him Drive!


This design looks somewhat primitive and feels like a v1.0 design. Needs polish.

@d_r, can you imagine if our coquis were the size of this fellow? I’m listening to the song of the coqui right now on the slopes of Hualalai.


Worst Snooze Alarm Ever.

Do not buy.


STOP TOUCHING THE FROG. How difficult is that to understand? Jesus fuck.


I didn’t think that little town of Innsmouth, MA had gotten internet access yet. They always have been a very insular sort of community; but I suppose it’s nice to see them swapping baby videos on the internet just like everyone else!


Bad touch!


[quote=“VoxInSpatium, post:7, topic:59177”]
can you imagine if our coquis were the size of this fellow?[/quote]
Give it time, they might evolve bigger in the absence of natural predators.

I have to confess that where I am (on Oahu) coquis have not been a problem; they found one in my neighborhood, but it was in a nursery. We used to have a ton of bufos, but I haven’t seen a bufo in 10 years. My neighborhood is full of feral chickens, which are not exactly quiet.

I understand your stretch of the Big Island is rich in indigenous species; I hope the coqui doesn’t displace too many of them (the way overpriced hipster bistros have replaced all the good Thai take-aways near us).


The hedgehog communicates the message better.


Says a member of an invasive species…


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