Watch Shingle Jingle, the best way to experience shingles

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Never heard of this guy before but I don’t have to know him to not want shingles.


The very best way to experience shingles is to never fucking ever goddam have them. The only time I’ve said, "Take me to a hospital. NOW!!!


My mom had them in her late 70s and said it was worse than childbirth.
I had them myself also a few years ago and hospitals and doctors didn’t really help. One day while reading to my kids in bed I felt I was lying on some breadcrumbs or something and had that feeling of hypersensitive skin. Within 2 days I was just starting to get a rash and went to the clinic, and the Doctor said yup you have shingles. Whatever he prescribed made no difference. It wasn’t really painful so much as really uncomfortable - like a nasty sunburn that wouldnt go away but ironically a warm bath was actually the only real relief. My Doctor later prescribed Gabapentin and the whole thing took probably 5 months to settle down. I did get the shingles vaccine a year later which (in Canada) cost about $250. I still get itchy on that side.


I’ve had shingles, and it wasn’t too bad. Just a mild rash extending along a rib. Itchy most days, until the day it wasn’t itchy. For one day it felt like someone had nailed red hot nails into my rib that refused to be extinguished. Meds did not help. It sucked. And I’m pretty sure I had a fairly minimal case.

Friend of mine had it extending along the side of his neck/face (facial nerves anyone?). He had it for almost six months, and it was bad enough that they kept prescribing shit-tons of opioids. He had a fun time trying not to get hooked on the pain meds, while still figuring out a way to be pain free enough to be functional. He’s actually got some interesting scars from his run with shingles.

So… Get your kids the chickenpox vaccine. If you can, get the shingles vaccine. If you don’t then e-mail me to let me know how much fun you had with it if the virus ever decides to become active again :slight_smile:

Many years ago, my dad got shingles.
At the time, we were staying at my grandparents house at the other end of the country, just before christmas. We were there because my dad’s dad had just had a stroke.
Of course, once my dad got shingles, myself and my two brothers both got chicken pox, leaving my mum to ‘do christmas’ whilst looking after an ill (and soon to be bereaved) husband, three young, ill children, a mother-in-law in the early stages of Parkinson’s, two cats and a dog, all in an unfamiliar house.
My mum’s a bloody saint.


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