WATCH: single-celled zygote becomes a newt


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And then it saves humanity by detonating all the nuclear weapons orbiting Earth.

Seriously though, one of the things I absolutely love about the rapidly progressing state of camera technology is its ability to capture the transcendentally more awe-inspiring “technology” of Mother Nature with increasing precision.

My three favorite dreams of the Star Trek universe are the medical technology, macroscopic teleportation (transporters) and the Doctor’s holographic camera.

Two out of three ain’t bad.


“She turned me into a Zygote!”

“I got better.”



Just stunning. My only complaint would be that i would have liked to have seen a version with no cuts and a fixed camera.


Thank you


Brownian motion and convection would have pushed it out of view way too soon.


That reminds me. I haven’t played Spore in a while…


“They mostly come at night. Mostly.”



Was that a tremor in the concrete foundations of my atheism, or just a passing train? :thinking:


I am eft speechless.



Just don’t let that feeling make you go on a hellbender and accidentally stab someone with your triton.


Had to return the triton.

Rental, you know.


So you took it olm?


Youre just looking at the culmination of about 1.7 Billion or so years of practice, getting it wrong multiple times along the way. It probably was a passing train.

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