Watch Star Wars: Rogue One ending flow into A New Hope beginning


Yeah. It’s one thing to “Forrest Gump”-in a few seconds of footage, it’s another to make a dead actor into one of the main characters.


If you have watched any of the Clone Wars cartoon, his actions there are perfectly in line with that side of Anakin. I for one loved the extra scene.



Vader always had jokes.

Apology accepted, Captain Needa


Trying to squeeze sense out of Star Wars is like….


there were about 2-3 frames of the last guy’s grizzly end


Wouldn’t it though. Up until then he just didn’t look right, he seemed shorter and his outfit seemed off to me. Also you can really hear the age in james earl jones’ voice, inevitably.


Well, Vader’s outfit got slightly modified throughout the original trilogy. I thought they did a great job making look as close to ANH perfect as they could. They even used the dark red/brown lenses for his mask that were used before switching to the darker black lenses. So maybe you felt it was off since you are so used to the later iterations of the outfit?


Vader always displayed a bit of a sense of humor.


Thank you. Sure, maybe this pun wasn’t up to the standard of the others. But you know Vader is the kinda dad who sits in that bacta tank all day long just dreaming up different choke puns he can use in the future.


He’s got a lot of free time and probably an urge to snark. I mean, he’s f’ing limbless, floating in a bacta tank contemplating the ground where his limbs were lopped off and he chocked his wife to death… I’m glad he doesn’t have a keyboard and an Internet connection.


It looks too pristine, there’s sort of a halloween costume feel about it whereas the one in new hope looks grubbier, more battle-worn. This could be just a simple case of them having a less refined production technique compared to the later films…


Now that’s disturbing.


Well, we now know that he HAD just spent the previous several minutes slashing through bulkheads with his lightsaber and murdering a whole ship’s worth of rebel troops. You can hardly expect he’d found the time to take his suit to the cleaners by the time they caught up with Leia.


Tarkin’s eyes didn’t seem quite right, and Leia smiled a bit too cheerfully considering all that she had just witnessed, so neither was entirely satisfying.


Kinda weird but not out of character. Remember, Leia was making snarky wisecracks within hours of watching her entire family, home, civilization and planet completely obliterated.


Me too, and me too. :’(


Tis true and very plausible but that outfit is so engrained in our cultural psyche that a change like that is immediately noticeable. Even the red lenses stood out more to me although that is accurate to the new hope design.


I agree on the mouth. CG is still treating holes (mouths, eye sockets, etc.) as projections on a model, instead of an actual hole in a model.

The reason Tarkin’s mouth doesn’t bother people is because IMHO, Peter Cushing had a “lemon-sucking” mouth that barely opened when he spoke (just an observation as a portrait artist).


And yet Jimmy Smits looked so real!!