Watch talented magician do tricks for nudists

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I’m not mature enough to comment on this.


Me either, buddy.



“Smart ass.”

“It’s not ringworm!”

At least he’s funny.


please watch this ring closely when i hold it right down near my penis…

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Ricky Jay could perform sleight of hand nude, according to one account in the documentary on him, Deceptive Practices:

“Ricky’s Akido instructor tells of bringing a couple of friends by the magician’s place just after Jay has stepped out of the shower. The instructor demands that Jay perform his trick of turning two $1 bills into one $2 bill. Instantly, the feat is achieved. We know that the $2 bill must have been on the magician’s person, but where?”


The same place as Captain Jack Harkness’s Compact Laser Delux?

“You really don’t want to know.”

[Too bad I wasn’t able to find a GIF of that scene with Giphy, but probably for the best.]


How does force the   8 :heart:  “sweat stain” on his towel right after she announces her card?
Is it just editing trick and the nudists are shills?

My guess…he already knows the card (isn’t this common for magicians?), so he splashes water on his butt – in the shapes he predetermined – before stepping out and sitting down.

I’d guess that the towel has thermally reactive dye on it, on his shoulder it is cool, between the hot pavement and his butt it gets hot and changes color.

The reveal is definitely the splashy part but the force using imaginary cards is the more interesting trick. Like you said there are quite a few ways to force a card choice, and it’s possible to prime someone to pick a card and that might have been cut out in editing.

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