Watch test footage from a new low-light 4K VR underwater camera

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What does VR mean, in this context?

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At first I thought it was just the lazy meaning most use to describe 360 degree video, but then I re-read this part:

This could be interpreted as meaning they have enough data to get 3D offsets so it at least becomes a more immersive 360 degree video. Still not exactly VR, but at least a more appropriate format for viewing on an Stereoscopic HMD.


Slightly orthogonal, but is anyone familiar with underwater cameras, 360 or otherwise, that don’t cost an arm and a leg? I have a small (~150 gallon) pond that I use an underwater enclosure and an action camera to record short videos with, but Ideally I’d like a camera I can place somewhat permanently and use something like Zoneminder to collect videos from.

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I was just only now thinking they were going to crack the egg for the 5DS…

Talk about a kludge. If there is a business problem this solves, it will be replaced in a year or so with something orders of magnitude easier to deal with, so better hope those jobs pay well.

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