Kickstarting a 6-lens spherical 60fps VR camera


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I’d rather have a spherical CCD sensor.


That’s kind of difficult.

Even getting a stupid datasheet for a stupid higher-end sensor with a global shutter can be quite a nightmare. Not every vendor is thrilled by publishing them.

Avoid Sony. They have their heads so far up their posteriors that they can lick their own tonsils.

Also, re your original thought, try to think about the optics it’d need. Could turn out to be quite challenging.
(Thought… could an array of microlenses, and some image postprocessing, be helpful here? Something vaguely similar to what Lytro cams do?)


$1400 is kinda bonkers. I’d like to know the individual resolutions of each camera. They claim 4K but from what I understand, that’s for the output image stitched together from all the cameras.


My guess is full-HD per cam. Less than 4k per sensor, but 4k after stitch. Stitch happening in-camera in real time on (I presume) a FPGA. Which is a pretty nontrivial task which I assume ate a great part of the development cost.


Sure it looks cool but with only six cameras it is not compatible with existing circle-vision theatres, which use nine projectors not six.


There is this:


[quote=“popobawa4u, post:2, topic:60784, full:true”]
I’d rather have a spherical CCD sensor.
[/quote]I’m trying to wrap my brain around that one.


I’m sure you could break up the stitched source material into nine segments if needed.


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