Watch the bang as man skips sodium across river


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I like to create forks out of sodium for rich people to use…


Okay. Amusing. But wha’s the effect on the fish?


NaoH + fish = Lutefisk.


Planned to complain that that body of water isn’t large or swift enough for this to be responsible, but then I watched the video. Waaaay cooler than a pound of sodium in a deep river!


One of the few times the auto-giffer achieved its purpose and made me want to watch the video.

Still don’t like it, mind you.


That’s still a beautiful lake. Wikipedia says the volume of Lake Lenore is about 24 million m3; 20,000 pounds is about 330,000 moles of NaOH. So, once evenly distributed in the lake, the concentration would have been about 10 micromolar.

Hey, here’s a fun thing: a 1958 paper about the limnology of Lake Lenore and adjacent Soap Lake. The pH of the lakes was 9.9-10.0. The paper doesn’t mention the NaOH disposal.


That would be the best day on the job ever…


“Hold my beer and watch this…”



raises arm in joyous gesticulation


Dangerous? Nonsense! My doctor’s been telling me to skip sodium whenever possible.


Yea, the sodium is cool and all, but Professor Egghead doesn’t know how to skip a stone. His grip was completely wrong.


I was thinking the same thing, but then I figured that he wanted to make sure he got it a decent distance away…


Would’ve been better if they cast the sodium into a nice aerodynamic shape before tossing it.




Geewiz chemistry indeed. Our high school chem instructor plopped a chunk of sodium into an erlenmeyer flask of water the 1st day of class. It fizzled & popped dramatically entertaining one and all.

I mentioned the fun to a friend later and he responded by showing me a hole in his shirt cuff.

Dipwad did the same demo for the period 2 class, but choose a bit larger chunk. The liberated hydrogen accumulated & detonated, sending shards of glass and tiny bits of sodium raining over several rows - traumatizing one and all.


No lye.


it just never gets old.