Watch "The Frog," a deeply weird short film from 1908


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Very cool. In addition to his trick films, there are several lovely travelogue films, mostly of Chomon’s native Spain, in that collection worth the time. For example:


Good thing the music gives this film the proper gravitas.


We are so lucky this has survived in such great condition.


I almost always watch silent films with the volume off to avoid unsympathetic accompaniment.


Early training film about transporter malfunctions.


Well, at least this settles the question of whether Andy Serkis is an immortal druid…


A lot of early short films, and particularly animation, seem to be pretty much centered on the theme of “HOLY SHIT, MOVING PICTURES.” They’re mostly bemusing nowadays, but the naked sense of wonder is rather charming to me.


Bring on the gifs!


Got me wondering if real frog hind-legs bend forward or backward. Apparently it depends on the frog.


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