Fantasmagorie is an amazing animation from 1908

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How do people find these old films? That thing is crazy great fun but where do you even start looking, archives in universities maybe? How much more is waiting to be rediscovered, I wanna see all of 'em.


This is legit.

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I love seeing stuff from the dawn of new technologies like this.


Old films have been found in attics, closets, basements…you never know when one or a group of lost films will reappear.

there is the Internet Archive. I here have linked to a film subsub category to just show the Fantasmagorie entry. But if you start at the base level you can find a(l)l(ot).[]=collection%3A"animationandcartoons"

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This one is pretty well-known for its era, it got a lot of circulation in traveling side shows and the like back when film and animation was still a technological curiosity. It took a few more years for artists to fully grasp the potential of the medium for narrative storytelling and fully developed characters with shorts like Gertie the Dinosaur (1914).

I show clips of this film and Gertie in my introductory lectures for 2D Animation classes.


That thing on the roof is pretty creepy, wasn’t expecting that to be there when they went outside.

Also surprised that they made it a happy ending. It would have taken a lot less work to just have them all drown in the well, The End. But maybe they were conscious of having the film end on a pleasant note after so many disturbing scenes.

Thanks to Merely Gifted, Knakfloh and Brainspore for thoughts and sites for old video. I like Shorpy’s for a variety of old old still shots (Photo galleries | Shorpy Old Photos | Photo Sharing). Sometimes I yearn to walk into a scene and experience that long gone place. Where the hell is the long promised time travel that used to be talked about?

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