WATCH: These gymnastic Japanese breakdancers will leave you breathless


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Gravity, where is thy sting?


Their youthful joints were evident, but they’ll hit hard when they’re fully grown, and the background group work was innovative. Very nicely done!


Breaking is free-form, improvisational dance, based on responding to a live DJ and crew vs. crew dance battles - THAT is a professionally choreographed dance/acrobatics performance.

Even if it’s using some break moves, that right there, is one hell of a lot closer to American cheerleading competition than dancing.


I also had the thought that it looked a lot like an American competitive cheerleading routine. But a bad-ass awesome American competitive cheerleading routine with some b-boy attitude and without all the rules prohibiting dangerous flips and stuff.


That was excellent. And as @jonathanpeterso says, it’s more acrobatics than dance.
Although not nearly as energetic, this guy’s flawless and subdued moves had me open-jawed.
And the music’s better.


That’s Nonstop, you mean his performance there as part of a trio?


Hadn’t seen that.


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