Watch: this spectacular gymnastics performance by UCLA's Katelyn Ohashi is a perfect 10


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Very impressive. For my taste it would be even better without the music and all the posturing, strutting and wiggling.


Proud to be a member of the same species as this person. That’s about as close as I’ll ever get to moving like that.


Dang, that was super fine.


Even when I was not so old and stiff that was beyond what I could do.
That was impressive and worth all the points and more.


The joy, man, the JOY. She’s clearly having a ball.

You don’t always see that with top-level competitors.


All the more outstanding as she is 21 with a woman’s body rather than 13 with a little girl’s.


The showmanship is part of the sport and she NAILED that part just a great as the flipped and jumping!


OK, that was just awesome. Clearly having fun and nailing it.

And why don’t men’s floor routines have dancing as well?


Hot damn, that was indeed spectacular! :slight_smile:


It would have been better without all that fun, he said, arms folded across his chest.


Yeah, I know it is. That’s why I don’t bother to watch it.


Quite possibly true, as my understanding is that one of the reasons most gymnasts are so young is that us humanoids lose flexibility relatively quickly as we age, making perfect routines at 21 all the more difficult versus doing so at a younger age (and thereby all the more amazing!)

Of course, I could never have done any of this at any age!


Yet more solid evidence of that old saying: white men can’t jump.


Check out this one with hilarious commentary.


Agreed. Take out all of that and there are some truly excellent gymnastic skills on show there. Take out all the gymnastics and you’ve got a half-decent … (politeness, even in this company, prevents me saying). I watched it without the music, of course.

And @jhutch2000 any sport that relies on showmanship is perhaps not as much of a sport as it would like.

Also, funny how not so many male floor routines require bumping and grinding.


Really? The expressive elements made it amazing to me. It was all so confident, effortless, and personal. Lot’s of people are strong and have good technique, but there should be artistry too.


And, on a more prosaic level, they are scored on those expressive elements. She would not have gotten a ten had she not included them.


A somewhat healthier role model for aspiring gymnasts. You can look like a normal human and still perform miracles.


Yes, really. It’s just my preference. Gymnasts can have any “sport” they wish. I don’t really care. Artistry? I’ll watch dance instead.