Watch gymnasts Laurie Hernandez and Madison Kocian throw creative first pitches


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But did they stand for the National Anthem?


I was kinda expecting something that would look like it added momentum to the ball, like a one handed cartwheel right into the pitch. Oh well, who am I to criticize kids who have worked so damn hard for their 15 min of fame?


Yes, I thought those were both…anticlimactic. Especially having seen this:


Just so. A much better pitch too, plus she’s seriously smokin hot.


(the Youtube video seems to be blocked)

It’s odd that Laurie Hernandez doesn’t follow through with the same motion - Even Simone Biles makes the somersault, changes stance, then makes the pitch.



You guys are cranky today :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Taekwondoist and actress Tae-Mi throwing out the first pitch at Jamsil Stadium.


OK, and after that vid I went trough a rabbit hole of more and more Korean (woman) pitching videos. And cheerleaders, and, and. Still don’t know if its for real. New world, don’t know what to think about it. Hehe :wink:

But these strong ladies with great moves, pitching, wow.


Here’s another acrobatic Korean pitching clip for you, Cheng Xiao from the K-Pop group Cosmic Girls.

It’s from a show called Pitch King, “which is basically people competing to throw out the best first pitch at a baseball game”.


How to comment on a woman´s attractiveness if you don´t want likes on your post on boingboing:

How to comment on a woman´s attractiveness if you do want likes on your post on boingboing:


Maybe it helps that I’m a woman to :wink:
And maybe its the fact I did not comment on her (them) being ‘hot’, but about being a strong and gymnastic sports person?

And yes I’ve seen that a lot of these snippets, I did go into the rabbit hole, are indeed about being real attractive en less about doing a good pitch. But this seems not the idea with the above linked youtubes.

But somehow I think it should be OK to say somebody is ‘smoking hot’ (m/v/x!), but it depends how and where and on the subject.


Strong gymnastic sports people have a tendency to be smokin´ hot. It´s science.


I know, goes for any gender if it’s your thing. :wink:
(But a lot of people do not like the strong athletic body and don’t deem it ‘smoking hot’).

Works for me nevertheless. (looks at dancers, climbers, gymnastic, cyclists)
But it should primary go about there sporting, not about the looks.

Edit again: This feels like a hornets nest. :wink: The comment witch started this discussion names both. And I think there is noting wrong with enjoying a good body, whatever your likes and love are. But publicly commenting about somebodies bodily features is a slippery slope.


now that’s just rude. :wink:


was expecting:



I did not comment on specific body features, that WOULD be crass. I just indicated she was attractive. It’s not like I was calling out at her on the street either. There’s such a thing as over sensitivity. There are negative comments about the appearance of people in BB pics and videos all the time, but I get called out for a positive comment?


Oh yes, it is. Language Stynx, learn that damn language. :wink:


And, no, did not meant to call you out. Please read carefully, I mentioned it in a different kind. Sorry if you are offended.


Not offended, just bemused at the PC police.