Woman inhales anti-gravity vapors and floats up pole




Oooooh, you just hadda go there, didn’t you?


“This video contains content from UMG, therefore you can’t watch it.”



The stuff I smoked as a teen made me do this too. At least in my own head. To the rest of the world it probably just looked like I was slumped over in a chair.

Oh, and this girl is fit.


I think the vapors she inhales at the beginning might have been drugs.


So I am getting mixed signals here… objectification of women in video games and the ensuing shit storm over people pointing that out is bad. Pole dancing A-OK?

Um, ok, I’ll go with it. Very nice.


I have no affinity for pole dancing nor do I find it erotic in any way. That being said, the woman in this video is very good at what is essentially gymnastics using a vertical pole instead of a balance beam.

The video meant nothing to me other than a chance to see a woman do something that seems to be very difficult to do at the level she does it and she looked elegant and graceful doing it.

And that being said, there is a difference between a woman choosing to do what she wants and other people portraying women as objects, using them for adornment or worse. It can be difficult to see the difference, but it is there.


OooOoOohhhh the possibilities…


Somebody check the exif data - I’m pretty sure we can track down where John McAfee is (again).


I am beginning to think Mark is a vicarious pot head.


I won’t chime in again I won’t chime in again I won’t




well at least I didn’t shout




In portrait’s defense, the human eye won’t be obsolete for a couple more years.


Video aspect ratios are defined by big flat things bolted to walls.


I never saw her defy gravity. I want my internet money back!


Why are most things involving women and sexuality defined as objectification? And even if a person does want to capitalize on their physical merits, under their own will, why is that a bad thing necessarily?

Been caught in these discussions lately… Does anyone have some recommended reading material from a “neutral” point of view? Thanks!


People can defy gravity all day long, but gravity doesn’t mind.

It’s like, pssshh… weak nuclear force, bro.


This takes some serious strength, especially as she moves so fluidly. Colour me impressed.


The ten-year-old boy in me who loved swinging on trees still dreams of being able to do something like this.

Holy shit would it take good core and upper-body strength, though. I’m in good shape but I wouldn’t be able to do half of that, even if I learned the techniques.


Why isn’t the vertical bar an Olympic sport yet?

Well, other than the sight of a bunch of 12 year olds doing it would be kinda icky.