Woman inhales anti-gravity vapors and floats up pole

Who is objectifying the woman in this video?



Which is weird since Google could just mute the track, so you could watch it, without any copyright issues. :-p

I look forward to your next video shot in irregular decagon format.


I am always shocked when it comes out that people still watch video on a dedicated monitor when this issue comes up. To me video is embedded in a computer screen, either in a webpage or floating there in the middle surrounded by black. I was doing square videos for awhile, but it did confuse people. Like all those portrait paintings in the museum got it wrong somehow. Someday still images will seem quaint and pictures will just occupy part of the wall or desktop for a time in whatever shape is appropriate. The resistance to this is puzzling until you realize most people are still watching TV on the networks schedule as their main experience of video.

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Yeah, no. I hain’t gots one o’ dem, and I ain’t watching this here thing on it nanyways.

Go to any museum, and see how many “aspect ratios” exist for paintings and drawings.

And those are physical objects.

We got computers, we’re tapping phone lines
I know that is now allowed

I guess so. To a degree.

Come on. It’s a mostly naked lady on a stripper pole. This isn’t a gymnastics routine. Does it take talent and physical prowess to do those moves? Sure. Doesn’t mean I’d have my 8 year old girl watching or participating in such an activity. This is the identical activity shown as being sexist and bad in Women in Video Games Tropes series.

something something glass ceiling

Most video is horizontal because our eyes are spaced out horizontally. It’s how we experience the world; we can take in more information looking side to side than up and down. That’s why square TV never caught on even though it actually predated wider aspect ratios.


I see there is a 12.0:1 ratio available.

I did nearly say ‘INB4 @OtherMichael’… :wink:

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Sex, drugs, and rock and roll trip hop?

Stay classy, BB.

I found it graceful and the opening a little humorous. As for the aspect ratio, I’m sure it will work out for the best when watched on a phone rotated 90 degrees as we often hold them, use them and shoot with them. In place of black bars we’d get - what, more floor and background? That’s not as important to me as you might think and will give the better resolution when shown on a small mobile screen. bfd.

As for the sexuality issue. Harumph. Right up there with say, watching a good juggler. She’s just juggling bones. Hers. Gracefully. Thanks to her for the waltz and putting it up and Mark for passing it along.


Aren’t there certain ritualized requirements for defying gravity?

Don’t you have to stand with arms akimbo, staring gravity dead in the eyes, and while raising your arm and pointing directly into gravity’s face, state firmly in a loud, clear voice “GRAVITY, I DEFY THEE! Mass, I now decry thee; surly bonds of Earth, I bid thee cease!”

And as Todd Rundgren once said, “Isn’t gravity a funny thing?”

Holy shit, I saw thi girl at a local club last year and she was breathtaking. Her skill with a hula-hoop is even more impressive. I actually went up to her after her dance and drunkenly told her that watching her made me long or the days I used to play with my “ninja weapons” in the yard as a kid. She was very receptive and cool about it.

This woman is not 8-years old and doesn’t need her parents to ease her in gently to the adult world.

She’s doing it voluntarily. She’s having fun. She’s good at it. No one is getting hurt.

What’s the problem here?


The year they make pole dancing an Olympic sporting event and all the contestants are performing at this woman’s level, the most rapt attendees will be the gymnasts participating in the games.

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Like this guy?

(I kid, he’s probably at least 14)


Why can’t it be both?

Seriously. Displaying athletic prowess usually involves showing off a sculpted body, and that will always be erotic to someone. The original Olympics were done buck naked. Sports and sex appeal can never be fully separated.


That is such wilful bullshit. I expect more from you, this is driving trollies for God’s sake.


I don’t think she is defying gravity or anything, the pole is spinning and she is just hanging on. It’s an old Cirque du Soleil trick.