Body Language & The Male Gaze - Tropes vs Women in Video Games


I didn’t see this posted which honestly amazes me a bit since I think every other video has been posted. This is easily the best video yet in my opinion, with the previous great Women as Background Decoration: Part 2.


This is useful. I like how it sexism operating according to narrative instead of natural or scientific rules. And also how natural and historical representations of gender are distinguished through examples. Cites aren’t terrible either.


Get ready for a flood of trolling, I’m afraid!

Thanks for posting!


It’s been a few days, seems like everyone positive or negative have missed it :stuck_out_tongue:


Weird. Who can resist the concept of “male gaze” in the context of videogames marketed to teen boys?


I dunno… maybe this just got lost in the shuffle? Or maybe trolls found new issues to harp on? Or they are too busy at Trump rallies? :smile:


Maybe organizing a boycott of sexist videogames and other purveyors of rape culture? …

Okay, that’s my best shot. :slight_smile:


Unserious and light hearted comment below.

Won’t anyone think of the Goat Gaze, and their movement?


I’d bet it’s due to the fact that the text features zero of the words that would trigger the google alerts that the trolls have in place - the name of the presenter, the name of the mob, etc. - which is an actual thing, sadly.


The poor, poor goats! Won’t anyone think of them!

How depressing! Don’t they have anything better to do with their lives? Work in a soup kitchen? Go help their grandmas? Knit? Volunteer at a no kill shelter? Maybe if they got out more in their communities, they’d not worry so much about what a critic on the internet has to say about video games?


The very notion of people presuming that a character is presenting a specific sex is, I think, the deeper stereotyping which occurs. Whether or not people find such stereotypes flattering is secondary.

If the ways people formulate their perceptions of self and other are faulty, then any instance of “pandering” is only an attempt exploit this deeper, pre-existing problem. Like most social problems, if people address the root cause first, then the secondary effects quickly lose relevance. If people cease making such stereotypes, then people will cease trying to exploit them.


I fear we underestimate what’s at stake. How else are we going to learn that feminists want to murder all men, that gamers are the most persecuted demographic in the world, and that absolutely nothing is more important to free speech than not altering the size of the panties worn by underage video game characters?

I’ll confess that I’d dismissed these claims as ludicrous, but their unwavering dedication to this cause has certainly made me wonder.

Wonder how on earth anyone could attain that specific level of absurdity. Sadly, I have ideas.


No actual goats were harmed during the posting of this comment.


I dunno . . . we got “women,” we got “video games,” doesn’t seem like it usually takes more than that. Oh well! I’m not mad about it.


Right! I don’t know what’s wrong with me, looking at the gifted Mr. Ed’s chompers here!


It’s not a main page article, so it’s not going to bounce right to the top of everyone’s Google search. I’m not even sure how much (if any) of the bbs gets crawled by bots.


Lovely that almost all of the “up next” videos are negative reactions. And mostly with more views than this video.


The last I heard, they were focusing on one character in one game. Some of those reviews are very unpleasant.


The reviews made me want to get the game.


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