Throwing your girlfriend overboard? You're doing it wrong


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Wrongest: vertical GIF.




Gravity and stupidity were her enemies!


I consume 90% of my short form internet meme video on my phone, I love the convenience of vertical video. #verticalvideo4ever


So were her catapult partners. They ignored the demands of the title, grabbed on, instead of being an atlatl for her spear. And it resulted in her downfall… She was on course for a safe exit from the boat until her male partners broke discipline in a situation that demands perfect discipline.


Throwing your ex-girlfriend, you mean, because if I were her I’d be done with everyone on that boat.


Why? Looks like she thought it was a good idea as well.


Fool me twice…


BoingBoing = America’s Greatest Home Videos?


Until she was headed face first for that railing, yes, she was totally down with it.


Since this is Boing Boing, I watched it expecting an odd twist, or something truly unusual. Instead, it’s just a painful pratfall, with a little bit of probable concussion thrown in. It seems oddly out of place here.


Why is this on my beloved boingboing? Some kind of demographics test? Personally I don’t want to see AFV style crap…


Any cheerleader can execute that move.Clearly, the guys are not cheerleaders.


Maybe she’s Florida Man?


It looks like she jumped before they actually threw her, the one guy tried to catch her but that actually made it even worse.

Also: yes, it’s weird to see this kind of post (as well as the handful of animated gif posts from the last week or so) here. It makes me feel like I’m missing some kind of inside joke.


Looks like we have a new candidate for Boing Boing hottest list!

People who are disappointed with Boing Boing


That’s the second story today caused by a lack of appreciation for projectile motion.

It seems like most people just fail to grasp the gravity of the situation.


I’d like to have the energy to appreciate it, but just can’t seem to overcome my inertia.


Hey, ya know what? I like boing boing. A lot. If the proportion of the strange and wonderful to the mundane and Schadenfreudesque gets too far out of wack it won’t be boing boing anymore.

I guess I just, I just love her too much…