Boy runs for kite and ends up, by sheer luck, breaking his friend's fall from a third floor balcony


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Borked link to the main page? @Carla_Sinclair or @orenwolf?


I’d guess it was probably cancelled because Pesco got to it before Carla did that day…

Edit: I see now that Carla’s post still exists.

Edit2: But it’s still true that Pesco posted about it first, and there are 18 comments, at this time, over in the topic that goes with his post.


Both work for me?


Weird. I click on the link and I get a 404 error message… Maybe I’m clicking wrong? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Doesn’t link from my Android phone.
Original link embedded above worked for me.


It’s weird that it would work for some and not others…


It is nice to be treated as an individual, but not like that.


I too, like you, got a 404 from the above link in the OP.

But then I clicked for “Show Full Post” and then the link worked for me.

And then I re-loaded this page and the link in the OP (without clicking “Show Full Post”) did work. So I guess it is probably cached for me now…(as I learned with help from orenwolf just the other day when I had trouble with another topic/link)…


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