Watch boy accidentally save his friend who fell three floors

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There go any doubts I had that WWE is legitimate.

The flip seems odd. Did the falling kid snag something halfway down?


Additional luck, the kid was going to hit the ground flat which made it easier for the friend to catch him safely. Had the falling kid been going down feet or head first it would’ve been really difficult to break the fall safely.

Crazy video but i’m glad everyone made it ok


looks like he hit a wire or line of some kind and that not only made him flip but slowed him down enough not to crush his friend - wow


Good eye, you do see the wire bounce a split second later. Also he didn’t get electrocuted on the way down so yay?


Darwin: Curses, foiled again!


Dang Kids! You’ll poke your eye out or break your friends back!


If only there were some way to directly export digital video from CCTV systems…


Two construction workers fell from a scaffolding on the fifth floor. One hit the ground and died instantly. The other got insanely lucky and snagged his left eye on a long nail.

this is one of those things that goes like this for me:

“…meh, yeah, i’ll watch that.”
[5 seconds later]: “HOLY SHIT!”


Those boys must be part cat. I think they used nine lives between them.


Scrambling at the edge as he went over?

Another one got impaled on rebar after falling 20 stories or something crazy like that but it missed every bone and organ and sliding down it slowed his fall enough that when he did hit the ground no further injury was sustained. They cut it off, pulled him loose, patched him up and done, back to work in just a few weeks.

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Nice act. They should audition for Circue Du Soleil.

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Okay, then!

Resolved: If I ever know I’m about to fall a couple of stories, and there are people below, I’ll toss my wallet down first and see if anybody bends over for it.


Tough audience.

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That’s really some luck now! But just watching it agra vates mysore back.

I think from now on he should stay indore.

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He snagged on a electrical / phone wire attached to the building. Look at the left side of the frame, you’ll see it jostle as he comes down on it.

They must now be best friends of life and fly a modified Corellian light freighter around the galaxy looking for adventure!

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