This video of a guy throwing stuff without looking is ridiculously satisfying

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This sort of thing was a recurring segment on a Japanese variety show:


What a failure! Doesn’t he know that he’s destroyed his credibility by videoing in portrait?

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How about the Sigourney Weaver accidental basketball shot from Alien Resurrection?


You don’t know what “ridiculous” means. Either that or you’ve passively accepted the new, corrupted, incorrrect use of the word. Either way, it’s terrible.

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Except that he’s uploaded it to like, the only place on the web that has an embedded player that does portrait orientation.

Never seen that before.


Needs explosions

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That’s a ridiculously unfair criticism.


There’s a lot more variation in A Normal Day.

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Congratulations! You got a hole-in-302!

He most certainly is looking.

Reminds me of a trick I did at work which took weeks of practice… the sinks in the restroom had those ‘in the wall’ trash cans, and there were two sets, one on each side of the room. I practiced and practiced, when alone, throwing the paper towel into the one behind me until I could do it 8 out of 10 times (yes, I used the mirror). Then one day a coworker was washing his hands next to me and I pulled it off! The look on his face was worth all the effort!

Non-combat superpowers.

I don’t know whether you’re with me or against me, but I guess I don’t care.

But… it’s still played on my non-vertical computer screen…

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