Five full minutes of satisfying trick shots


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Five full minutes of satisfying trick shots

Seemed like an eternity.


Those monsters. Match Light charcoal??


I am not too sure what is wrong with me, but I did not hate that video or those guys.


Must… buy… charcoal!


WHAT KIND OF MONSTER washes their nice kitchen knives in the dishwasher


My boy has been watching these guys for some time. In true “you kids get off my lawn” fashion, I despised this youtube fiasco, and yet every time it was on, I found myself watching for longer and longer.

They’re quite huge in the sportsworld (they get a ton of celebrity sports guests) and their (admittedly dudebro) personalities are infectious in their enthusiasm.

Also interesting is to watch the “making of” videos to see how much work they put into the satisfying made shot.


Do these guys all live together, constantly wearing shorts, in this enormous house with a cave of a walk-in closet? This video brings more questions than answers for me.


The product placement was so absurd that I can’t believe the company willingly wanted it that way. When there were shots in the bathroom and kitchen I was like ‘Where’s the charcoal? Why isn’t he brushing his teeth with it?’ The video itself is fine and fun, but I feel like Kingsford made a joke out of themselves.

guys are sitting in a movie theater
"Hey guys, I brought the KINGSFORD CHARCOAL"
“All riiiiight! Now we can watch the movie!”


I apologize in advance for being “that guy”, so please, by all means, if you enjoy this video, just ignore me… :slight_smile:


These videos seem to be nothing more than an exercise in patience/repetition. They’re not impressive because they simply do the trick 100 times until they get it right.

If they actually did any of these tricks in succession, that would show demonstrate skill or talent. But, as is, it’s just a bunch of bros wasting a Saturday throwing coasters at each other until they actually get it to land under the coffee cup.


The spoon landing in the mug tossed a fair amount of liquid into the air. And the book landed on the shelf with the binding facing down. If I have to watch a long commercial for processed kettle fuel, I WANT PERFECT.


Yeah, but they have sponsors!

So, like, it’s impressive to watch their business plan of getting paid to spend hours repeating a toss until they capture that just right throw, then editing it together with the right “WHOOOO!” “YEAAAHH!” to simulate spontaneity!

I’ve been watching it with my kids, so we can enjoy a little Intro to Skepticism 101.


From the title, I thought we were going to get this:

A bit over, at 5:20, but I still have to watch it to the end every time.


As a father of two young kids who are constantly dinging our floors, walls, and cabinets I totally cringed thinking about the missed shots from throwing things like knives and forks around.


I’d respect trick shot videos a lot more if they included a list at the end of how many hours and how many attempts they needed for each trick.


A normal day, from 2009, is sooo much less annoying to watch. Why is that?


i don’t get it. is that unique? like, are there people who can’t do that?



Do you also think skate videos are all one take?


Or you could just enjoy a little silliness and not worry about whether you can respect the skills which are so obviously over the top as to be clearly not intended seriously. No one thinks it doesn’t take a lot of tries to do these tricks. If you don’t like seeing the results, don’t watch them.

People are so uptight.