Shovel delivers instant karma


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The universe works in mysterious and sometimes very expedient ways.


Hope the guy got to a hospital for that head injury.
And the violent sociopathy.


I just let that loop a dozen times, and the last viewing was every bit as satisfying as the first.

I’m not sure if it is the plot twist or the character development that gives the video it’s timeless satisfaction, but I hope the academy Darwin Awards recognize this when it comes time to hand out statues.


Am I really the only one thinking this looks contrived as fuck? I call FAKE.


Looks like something lifted from an “Ow My Balls!” blooper reel.


Yeah, too perfect… I’m callin’ fake.

#But it’s a damned satisfying fake!


Wow. Just like the lyrics of the song:

Instant Karma’s gonna get you
Gonna knock you right on the head


It looks very contrived, and yet when the shovel falls it seems to fall pretty convincingly on the handle, in a way that I wouldn’t expect if the handle was completely CG. So I dunno.


You need to watch more Buster Keaton. You don’t need CG to fake things. :wink:


Or Jackie Chan outtakes…


I call this video “Voting For Trump”


Heh, yeah those too.


Oh he took the hit. So did all those guys on Jackass.


He is not the Shoveler. He does not shovel well.


something something late stage capitalism


Can’t imagine that much force applied to the groin.


I especially love how how the would-be-victim shows immediate concern and compassion for the jackass who was trying to cause him immense pain.


It’s on the blooper real because someone didn’t get hit in the balls! :grin:


Where’s the instant karma for the guy using a fire extinguisher on smokers?