Video of man falling over for 9 seconds has surprise ending


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Watch this guy's terrific attempt to not to fall as he slides all the way down his driveway

One One Thousand, Two One Thousand, Three One Thousand, Four One Thousand, Five One Thousand, Six One Thousand, Seven One Thousand, Eight One Thousand, Nine One Thousand


Now that’s falling with style!


You must always ask yourself: “Why was anyone videoing this?”

As such, I’m gonna say, bogus.


Cute but judging by the way he starts hamming it up toward the end it’s staged.


For me, this was Tuesday. :wink:

Mud, moss, burrows, unstable slopes; all part of the fun of working in the forests.


I dunno about it being totally fake. I once saw a guy while snowboarding break his collarbone. He was in pain, but basically OK until he reached up to feel it, and touched the bone sticking out of the skin.

That put him into shock, and he slowly collapsed over the course of about 7-8 seconds, narrating that he was passing out as he very slowly sunk to the ground.


Yeah, this totally looks like it was faked for AFV.


I was waiting for a car to hit him. That would have been a surprise ending.


Been there. Even more fun on a steep slope!


I bet it felt like at least 18 seconds to him.


No more “Final Destination” movies for you! :wink:


Is this one of those videos that hard-cuts to gay porn?


It is clear that the shovel was the problem all along. Once he got rid of that he just stood up. Shuvils: fargin’ bastiges!


Thus demonstrating that ‘style’ is a superset of ‘grace’.


I wonder where I’ve seen that before.

And why.


I was expecting him to start break-dancing. Now that would have been a surprise ending.

(Well, I guess not, because I was expecting it.)


I think this video of guy getting angry at the snow is funnier:


He’s not falling down. He’s practicing:


Hard is the only way to cut to gay porn, really