Watch: When woman falls on icy sidewalk Santa comes to the rescue


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Geez, Santa. Give her a second to gather her wits before yanking her to her feet.

If the slip wasn’t so painfully convincing (and the fact the car recording the scene didn’t stick around for the conclusion) I would have suspected it was a skit based on Santa’s overenthusiastic aid.


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Yeeouch! Looks like she hit her head. Good on that Santa for being a stand up guy… I know… bad pun… I’ll be the hangdog in the corner.


something about the timing, the fall, and the trying to get up makes this seem fake/staged. Or maybe it’s my total skepticism of everything I see on the internet. the internet has ruined me.


If she faked that fall, she really sold it. That looked like it hurt.


This is probably just me misunderstanding how things work on YouTube, but when I try to play the video embedded it says it’s owned by “Jukin Media” and I have to watch it on the YouTube site. If it really was video taken from some random person’s dashcam that was then uploaded to their personal account, why is it owned by anyone except him/her?


Watford !


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