Watch this guy's terrific attempt to not to fall as he slides all the way down his driveway


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Yep. Telecommute day that is.


Sure, and I guess it would have been even more hilarious if the post had not broken the slide and he had ended at the wheels of the passing car. Yikes!


I try to avoid that same thing every winter. Some times I am successful.



Is there a remix with a drum solo yet?


I love it when bb goes all America’s Funniest Home Videos.




friendly reminder: RELAX, sink your center of gravity and SIT DOWN. Panicking and stiffening up makes you more tippy and when you fall, you fall like a felled tree, the upper body gaining more speed as it arcs toward the concrete. This is how you get shattered wrists (putting arms out to catch the ground) or head trauma.


Santa just stood there watching like a useless jerk!


No, I’m pretty sure Santa had a helpful comment. . .

“Ho Ho Hooooo!”

(OK, maybe not “helpful” exactly.)


It’s all fun and games until your feet slip out from under you and you end up on your back and your head hits the concrete. Something your mom warned you about, but you did’nt listen.




Don’t go out without your helmet.


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